Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growing stevia in a pot

My sister who works at Lowes, bought me a stevia plant, mostly because I have a son by the name of Steven, but also that I love herbs. I never grew a stevia plant before, and have heard about the natural sweetener qualities the leaves have. So I was glad to be given a chance to see what I can do with it.

I first placed the stevia directly in the sun. Some herbs like it (like rosemary/thyme), and some don't. Well, I don't think stevia liked it that much, as it had some of
it's leaves turn yellow. So, I moved it to another location against my house. Which has 50% sun/shade. Looks like it's perking up. We'll keep you up to date on how stevia is doing!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chives and Marjoram

My deck this year is very full of potted herbs. The one that grew back for me was the chives in the terra cotta pot on the right side of the picture. A friend I found on Twitter- Kudoskookies told me, when I expressed surprise, that they come back every year. I didn't know that. But it was a start of a friendship with her. Check out her website she makes wonderful custom made, individually packaged cookie party favors. So after finding chives come back. I bought 2 more plants. I use chives in so many things! On the left side of the picture, is marjoram. I grew it for the first time last year, so bought another plant this year at Lowes. I used marjoram in chicken dishes, and will be looking for more recipes that I can it in.

Fresh herbs just makes everything taste so wonderful! I pretend to be a gourmet, using herbs in all sorts of meals. More to come soon!