Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alliums, Roses and Robins

Checking in to show the progress of our flower garden "island". Our daffodils are gone, but the alliums are in full bloom. At least one type of allium.

There are various sort of alliums and long ago, we planted 4 different types. The round purple ones you see above. The clustered ones shown below, Nectaroscordum  (which are technically not alliums, but a very close relative) which will bloom soon. Drumstick alliums, which I think are coming up yet. There was a fourth type we had, but it did finally die off two years ago.


Bigger garden picture.

We've got roses galore in our garden. And as you can see all the rosebuds, we will be having plenty of blooms soon!

The last few years we've had robins hatching in one of the two weeping cherry trees that we have in our flower garden. Last year we had 3 baby robins in the other tree. This year, four. We don't even know how they all fit in there!

The chrysanthemums are still coming up.

Happy gardening!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The peppers and tomatoes are in the ground!!

It's always exciting to get plants into the ground. My husband and I planted the peppers and tomatoes this Sunday morning. The herbs were already planted. We grew giant jalapeno, poblano, cubanelle and habanero plants from seeds. And couldn't wait to get them into the ground. 

Another view of our just planted pepper and herb patch.

Here's a closer picture of our herbs. The chives in the left hand corner have been there for 3 years now. We decided to cut down some tomato cages and place them around the chives (also the parsley and cilantro), so that the herbs don't lay on the ground. Keep them neat and tidy as well. We have thyme and rosemary behind the chives, then come parsley and cilantro in their cages. To the right from back to front, we have marjoram, tarragon, dill and basil. We've already harvested chives.And it's looking like harvest time again real soon!

The picture below show our giant jalapeno seedlings. We have a total of 14 planted. There is a very small seedling up front in the middle row. We shall see how that one grows.

The picture below shows 2 poblano plants in the back row. The next 2 rows we planted 10 cubanelle peppers. The two peppers up front are the habaneros we decided to try this year.

Against the fence of our backyard, we have a long, thin garden which we always just planted tomatoes in. We've always grown tomatoes from seed. But not this year. We ordered 3 Super Sauce Tomato plants from Burpee, which are brand new this year, and they were just delivered to us this week. Hopefully we'll have good results.

In each third of the "tomato" garden, we decided to try something new again. The Super Sauce tomatoes are supposed to grow 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. So we only planted one tomato plant in the middle. We planted 2 cubanelle peppers towards the sides of each box. So 3 tomato plants and 6 cubanelles in the back garden. We want to see how the cubanelles grow out in full sun as well as the semi-shaded ones against the back of our house. Always experimenting, we are! We have a total of 16 cubanelle plants growing from both gardens.

Now the true growing season for us begins. Updates to follow. 
Happy gardening!