Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alliums, Roses and Robins

Checking in to show the progress of our flower garden "island". Our daffodils are gone, but the alliums are in full bloom. At least one type of allium.

There are various sort of alliums and long ago, we planted 4 different types. The round purple ones you see above. The clustered ones shown below, Nectaroscordum  (which are technically not alliums, but a very close relative) which will bloom soon. Drumstick alliums, which I think are coming up yet. There was a fourth type we had, but it did finally die off two years ago.


Bigger garden picture.

We've got roses galore in our garden. And as you can see all the rosebuds, we will be having plenty of blooms soon!

The last few years we've had robins hatching in one of the two weeping cherry trees that we have in our flower garden. Last year we had 3 baby robins in the other tree. This year, four. We don't even know how they all fit in there!

The chrysanthemums are still coming up.

Happy gardening!

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