Saturday, March 21, 2009

My tomato seeds are growing

I had bought Big Mama Tomato (large roma type) seeds from Burpee.
From over at Lowes, I bought another growing kit. It had 16 large pellets and of course, a cover. It wasn't as elaborate a setup as the Burpee Ultimate Growing kit. Each pellet took 3/4 of water to expand, which was fun to do. I actually used a bowl with loads of water in it and let it soak and expand until everything inside got soft. Placed each back in the tray. Put 2 seeds in each, 1/4" deep. Covered it with the lid. These seeds came up within 3-4 days!. And they were tall enough for me to have to take the lid off of the kit! Now I just water them daily. I have a heater in the room where I'm growing my seeds, to keep the room at a temp between 75-80 degrees. The heater blows a breeze on these plants, too. So I turn them several times a day, as well as make sure there is enough water. It's so exciting to see your efforts in action!

As for my peppers, out of 72, so far there are 4 mucho nacho jalapenos coming up. A little disappointing, but they still have time.

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