Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starting seeds indoors

Started my pepper seeds taken from my own peppers last year. Decided to try out the ultimate growing kit from Burpee. You can grow 72 plants with this thing. The little pellets were a pain in the butt because they fell sideways when you were filling it with water. Then you had to dig it out and get it going again. But I did it. Hopefully this year I won't drown them after all of my effort, and have to buy plants at the store!

I planted:
  • (36) mucho nacho jalapenos
  • (12) poblanos
  • (12) holy mole's
  • (12) cubanelles

I'm hoping that my seeds grow. I'm always willing to experiment! Right now, I have them sitting in my daughter's old bedroom, with the heat in there at 80 degrees. Excitedly waiting for the results!

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