Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everyone needs a time out sometimes. A rambling post.

From working, to weddings, to everyday madness, everyone deserves a time out. As business owners in the tech world, we have found it hard to take time off just for ourselves. We work pretty much 24/7. On top of that, our daughter was getting married in Maui. We had to take time off for that! Crazy, busy days.

We've done the unthinkable. We have now taken time off twice already. Once to do eagle spotting in Wisconsin just to relax and calm things down. The other was the Maui wedding. When we want to relax, we don't have a schedule filled out. We like to sit and watch nature. And we did just that in both places.

The eagles were a site to see in Prairie du Sac, WI. While we had to sit in our car to take pictures, so as not to scare the eagles, we were able to get some decent ones. Not the sharpest, but good enough for us to view later.

It was so enjoyable to be able to see the eagles! But then we also got to see whales in Maui! While the daughter and her new husband, and her new in-laws were doing the helicopter tours, and such, we just sat on our hotel veranda and watched the whales, while sipping mimosas. 

OK, we did get phone calls and emails for work. The husband even had to remote into our server at home with his iPad to help a customer through remote support, all the while watching the whales in Maui. While we tried to take pictures of the whales, they were too far away for our puny cameras. But at least we have the pictures of whales with water spraying from their blow spouts and then the flip of their majestic tails in our own memories. Beautiful! Oh, and so was the wedding :-)

Now back to work! LOL!

So far on my seedling count:

16 giant jalapeno seeds... 11 up
16 cubanelle seeds... 1 up
2 poblano seeds... 2 up
2 habanero seeds... 0 up

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