Friday, July 11, 2008

How to grow cubanelle peppers

Last year was the first year that I even heard of a cubanelle pepper. At my local produce store, Valli produce, they would get in some new things every now and then. I'm always in the mood for trying a new pepper. I would chop those up and throw them in my spaghetti sauce, not knowing it's really an Italian stir fry pepper - I learned that this year on the label of the plant I bought! You're supposed to just stir fry the peppers in a little olive oil, but I throw mine in spaghetti sauce- there is just a nice hint of heat. Anyway, I had seen pepper and tomato plants in front of my other grocery store, Jewel. They had cubanelle pepper plants in amongst everything. I thought, how cool! Though the peppers were cheap last year at Valli when they introduced them, they started going way up in price, just like everything else. I decided to grab a plant and check my luck.

Honestly, there is nothing to growing it. Though my cubanelle is a little lighter green than all of my other type of pepper plants, it has so many little flowers on it, it's crazy! My peppers get full sun, and if, by 6pm they look dry, I give them some water. That's it. They will be getting a cage for support soon, as the plant looks like it's getting very heavy with all the little flowers on it! The top has a large cluster of buds that will grow into flowers, then into peppers. That's what happened to my poblano plants. They got top heavy too!


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