Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love peppers just not the real hot kind

Poblanos - my favorite. Just a hint of smoky flavor, not hot. I put these peppers in everything - from guacamole to soups, stews, stuffings - umm - yeah.

Jalapenos - my second favorite. They can be a bit spicy, especially if you use the seeds and membranes inside. My favorite snack is the dragon bites. I make these ahead of time and freeze. I believe that I'll be making some of these while we watch the presidential debates that are coming up.

Cubanelles - supposed to be a sweet pepper, but does have a hint of heat to it. I've thrown these in spaghetti sauce - they are wonderful!

For the first time - I grew Holy Moles. They are still growing - longer and longer. They look really neat - long and thin. I'm supposed to pick them when they look kind of chocolate colored - not the green they are now. Can't wait to try them.

Those are the only peppers I'm growing this year. Next year, I'm thinking of just making a huge pepper patch, and putting my tomatoes elsewhere. I was just so disappointed in my tomatoes this year. I like to grow things, not have to fight off worms and bugs!

Nothing new to report in my garden - just waiting for my peppers and tomatoes to grow and ripen a bit more!

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