Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Poblano picture and stuffed acorn squash recipe

Woke up this morning with all the windows in my house open. The guys in the family like that cold air. Too much coolness for me - I had to get a sweater on!

Went out to check my plants - major brisk outside! I know my tomatoes will be ready soon. But I have many, many peppers that are still small and need to grow! Hope the weather stays a little bit warm.

I think tonight I'm going to stuff the acorn squash my mom gave me awhile back. Maybe stuff it with a little chopped up maple sausage, onions, rosemary, thyme and breadcrumbs. I'll hollow out the squash, add my ingredients to fill up the cavity, pour a little olive oil in there, and place the lid back on the squash. I'll rub olive oil on the outside of the squash, then wrap it in aluminum foil. I'll bake that in a 375 degree oven for at least an hour. It's done when I can pierce the outside shell with a fork easily. Wonderful!

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