Sunday, July 20, 2008

Comparing Gardens

I was at my mom's yesterday for her birthday. She lives in a retirement community. They have a victory garden there. My mom's plot is about the size of mine. She had planted all her stuff a good 3 weeks before me. It's unbelievable how HUGE all of her plants are, and everyone else around hers, for that matter. Mine are so tiny! Does three weeks really make that much of a difference? Their tomatoes are at least 3 times the size as mine. And here I thought I was doing great. I still think I am, so maybe three weeks does matter? Well, my mom gave me some of her green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and beets. I've been wanting to try the zucchini on the grill, since seeing Emeril slicing them lengthwise - just adding a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and grilling them.

I gave my mom 2 quarts of raspberries when I saw her - she's going to make some jam with that. She then also gave me two wooden signs she had made me for my garden. My favorite being "Garden of Weedin", she made that one because of how I describe my vegetable garden to her.

Well, the ground is still wet, weeds are still growing. Maybe sometime this afternoon the ground will be just dry enough for me to weed, without me getting all muddy!

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