Saturday, July 5, 2008

Holy Mole Pepper

Before we began our weeding yesterday, we did harvest some raspberries from our bushes on the side of our house. Then I wanted to go to Meijers to check out their herb section. I needed to find cilantro seed, and Lowes was out. So off we went. Didn't find the seeds at Meijers, but found a plant called Holy Mole Pepper. No other description on it - just a picture of what the peppers look like. Very long and dark green. So, the husband and I decided to give Holy Mole a try, after all, these suckers had blossoms and the little pepper buds on them already.

We went home and I had to check the Internet about what a Holy Mole Pepper is. I guess it's like a poblano, and it's used in - you guessed it - mole sauce. Mole sauce is one of my husband's favorite Mexican sauce. We usually buy it in a jar, but now, we'll get to try to make our own homemade sauce. Can't wait to make our own blend of peppers, chocolate and spices!

We did find the cilantro seed at Ace Hardware, of all places! We went there to get some wood for our fire pit, so we could watch the fireworks from our deck in comfort! It was a wonderful night!

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