Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Problems with growing seeds

I have to wonder what the deal is with seeds from Plantation Products and brought out under the name of American Seed. I originally was on the lookout for seeds on the 4th of July, when I found you are supposed to reseed cilantro. I only had two plants, which I have pretty much used up. The only place on the 4th of July that had seeds left was Ace Hardware. They had cilantro, spearmint (wanted to try them) and radish seeds from this company available. I sent the radish seeds to my mom, because she loves her radishes and had been looking for more seed. Anyway, we both planted these seeds, and NOTHING has come up. We verified that the seed packets had a good date on them - sell by 12/08, so there should have been no problem. I've planted again, and nothing. How disappointing that nothing has come up from 3 different type seeds.


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