Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cooking with Basil

While waiting for my basil to grow from seeds, I did buy a lovely basil plant from Lowes that was huge, on the 4th of July. Well, yesterday afternoon, my brother stopped by and dropped off some of his award winning ribs. He and his wife go to all the BBQ cook-offs and compete. They just came back from one in Rockford this past weekend. He brought the ribs over to thank my husband for fixing his pump on his hot tub. Well, we were going to have a great dinner! So I saw the basil and decided to make a light macaroni salad to go with the ribs. I cooked the macaroni and cooled it down in cold water, drained it. Then added some chopped up basil leaves, red onion, olive oil and some lemon juice. Set that all in the refrigerator and waited for the husband to get home. He was in Wisconsin and when he heard that we were having my brother's ribs for dinner, he couldn't wait! I placed the ribs, which were wrapped in foil, on the grill with just a few charcoals to heat the ribs slowly. My brother told me to reheat slowly or they will dry out. Well, they didn't and the salad with basil was just wonderful! I love gardening! Everything is so fresh and tastes, well, like you made it yourself!

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