Friday, July 4, 2008

My Garden - 4th of July

I am so proud of my garden! It may not seem much. And I have trouble weeding the garden by myself (with my achy arthritis). But what a thrill so far! I'm growing cilantro, jalapenos, shallots, poblanos, cubanelles, and various tomatoes. I'll have to take a picture next month and see how everything is growing to compare.

I used to grow a garden 20 years ago in the back area of my house . But now I've been out of practice. I have built up the back area where my old garden used to be, with grass and trees, etc... Now I talk to a guy who works with my husband. He grew up on a farm in Iowa. For years, I would get some of the tomatoes he was too tired to can, from his garden. Now I get to compare his garden and mine. His is way bigger, by far. But his peppers and tomatoes don't even have blooms on them yet. He's not expecting them to for another couple weeks. He had to come by the other day and see what I was bragging about.

He also came by to borrow my vegetable chopper. He has a salsa maker, which mushes his peppers and tomatoes, well, kind of like salsa. My chopper, from Williams-Sonoma, cuts them so nicely. I love it. He said he has to get one now.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

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