Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making your own tomato cage - German Queen and Peppers

The other morning, I woke up to find my poblano peppers, which are very tall and strong, leaning heavily to one side. We had a rain storm the night before. One of my German Queen tomatoes was leaning too. They needed support!

We have quite a bit of fencing left, so decided to use what we had, instead of buying some flimsy tomato cage. My husband, who can make or fix anything (he's like a bigger, older McGuyver), went to work on the project. He cut a length of fencing with his wire cutters. Connected it to the other side by folding over the wire onto the other side, making a cylinder. See where the bottom of the fence has a smaller spacing? He cut 4 horizontal rows off of the wire going vertical (kept that wire in tact). The vertical wire on the bottom of the cage is used to be pushed into the dirt. It doesn't look it in the picture, but the length of the vertical wire on the bottom is 7-8 inches long. Because these cages have 8 wires going into the ground, it has turned out pretty sturdy! We shall see how it works out

Also, as a search engine optimization person, I love to see what searches bring people here to this site. It's mostly been searches for German Queen Tomatoes, Health Kick Tomatoes, and Cubanelles!


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