Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watching my garden grow

After a couple of days of rain, we are looking to have a real nice day today. Even though it was fairly muddy in the garden, we transplanted the basil which we had grown from seed, into the garden. The ones that we had grown in a trough on the deck grew so much bigger than the ones we put straight into the ground (seed, that is).

We also put another homemade cage or two out there to help support my plants. We still have more to build!

The weeds are coming back up, but not as many as last week. I might do some weeding today if the ground isn't muddy. I like to pull weeds when the ground is damp, but not muddy. The weeds pop out so nicely when you pull them from a damp ground. You also get more of the root, which is very satisfying. Who wants to weed all day and just yank off the tops of the weeds? You've got to get tot the bottom of things! Anyway - here's to a good day!

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