Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jalapenos grown from seed

When I first started this season, I had gotten some seeds from Burpee. Jalapenos and Roma tomatoes. Just before I planted then into the ground. I accidentally killed them by drowning them. Well, I had a trough, and had extra seeds. I had room in my garden also for seeds. So I planted some in both places. Well, I'll tell you. Even after my husband tilled the soil, got out all the rocks, etc... - the jalapenos grown in my trough on the deck are good-sized - half of them ready to be placed into the ground. The ones that I seeded right into my garden either didn't grow, or they are very slow growing. Yes, a few came up, but very short and ratty looking. Now we'll have to see which grow jalapenos the best!

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