Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back in April

My vegetable garden was all I could think about. Prices have gone so high on vegetables, I had decided to grow my own. I sent away for some Roma tomato seeds, as well as jalapeno and basil seeds from Burpee. I nurtured those seeds into nice sized plants for 2 months. I kept them in a room that was 74 degrees and had lots of window light. I watered them very carefully. I had to place my peat pots into troughs my plants had gotten so big. I had 30 tomato and 30 jalapeno plants ready to be placed into my garden when the time was right. I was so proud!

My husband was to cultivate a 6' x 20' area in my backyard for my new garden, on Mother's Day. What I got for Mother's Day instead was a new roof. Our old roof decided to leak big time, right over my staircase leading into the basement. Big time is actually putting it mildly. I had a nice river going down the stairs into my basement. Oh well.

Two weeks after that was my birthday. Then I got my garden! During this 2 week time frame of waiting for my garden, I had been taking my troughs outside during the day to toughen them up. That's when things went downhill for my lovely tomatoes and jalapenos. It seems that I didn't take out the plugs in the troughs when I placed them outside. Okay, I forgot. Since the plants got so dry outside so quickly, I gave them extra water. I couldn't understand why they wilted so fast - down to nothing. I found out pretty quickly that I DROWNED two months worth of time and effort, as well as money! WAHHHHH!

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