Monday, June 30, 2008

More peppers, of course

I have my garden right behind my house and my dryer vent is right by my jalapenos and poblanos. At first, I was real concerned about the heat and fluff that comes out of the vent when I'm drying clothes. But for some reason the two plants closest to the dryer vent are doing the best! The closest poblano plant has a nice sized poblano growing- the other poblano has nothing growing yet, though the plant looks good. And the closest jalapeno plant has more flowers and little jalapenos (and one larger one) growing than all of them. The other two jalapeno plants are pretty ratty looking, though the top leaves are starting to flourish and look nicer than the ones below. I know, I haven't weeded out my jalapenos yet, as you can see. It's slow going for me!

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