Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weeding the garden

Today is supposed to be a sunny Saturday! It's also the day that I'll spend pulling out the weeds. There are no big weeds, just lots of little weeds. I could be on my hands and knees for awhile! While I'm down there, I can apply my tomato and blossom spray again to my pepper and tomato plants that have flowers. I have MANY flowers. So far, I haven't lost any (that I know of). Did I mention that I have a couple of jalapeños growing? One is already an inch long! What fun!

While I weed the garden, The husband and son are going to re-paint the deck railings. Next week, they should be able to paint the deck. I love when things look new and fresh!

Speaking of jalapeños, I'll be putting some stuffed ones on the grill tonight for dinner! Instead of my usual dragon bites wrapped in bacon, I'll stuff these instead with my cheese/cream cheese/herb mixture and some cooked maple sausage. I can't wait to try that!


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