Sunday, June 29, 2008

Raining and Weeding

It's been doing a lot of raining here. That's a good thing, so that I don't have to water my garden, myself. The problem with lots of rain is when you can go out and pull weeds. While pulling weeds is easier when the ground is soft after a rain, I usually wait a few hours for the ground to firm up just a little. I have come out of weeding my garden, just full of mud! But I love to slowly pull the weed out of the soft dirt, getting as much as the root as I can. The satisfaction that I feel when I accomplish that is gratifying. It's very disappointing if I feel the weed break too early, leaving most of the root in the ground. I woke up today just a little achy from bending over all day yesterday. My arthritis didn't like it, my my garden sure did!

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