Friday, June 20, 2008

Magical World of Basil

Magical properties: Money, peace, happiness, conscious mind
Basil has a rich, spicy scent - which stimulates the conscious mind, refreshing it and reducing mental fatigue. - helps clear your mind - elevates spirits

Basil has long been associated with money. They say to attract money, inhale the odor of basil, and visualize your bank account balance going higher.

In India, it's grown in gardens to ward off misfortune.

Medicinal use: A standard infusion of fresh leaves helps indigestion and constipation - if you add honey and lemon, it helps ease chest congestion.

But my favorite thing with basil is to just consume it. My kids love my tomato sauce with fresh basil and garlic. I've already made my first batch! Admittedly, with tomato sauce from a can because my tomatoes aren't ready yet!

Basil grows pretty quickly. I let my basil get to be about 9-12 inches tall, then I cut it down to about 2 inches tall. It'll grow back quickly, so don't worry about using your fresh basil as much as you want! I had bought a plant for my deck, then also grew some from seed in my garden. This is how big my seedlings are. It won't be long until I have plenty on hand!

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