Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mucho Nacho Jalapeños

My Mucho Nacho jalapeño plants have jalapeños growing! I had sprayed the flowers last week with the Tomato and Bloom Set Spray from Burpee. So far I am impressed! So I sprayed them again this week. I noticed flowers on some of my German Queen tomato plants and sprayed them too.

I found info on the Internet about Mucho Nacho jalapeños. It is a recent, jumbo-sized hybrid jalapeño with fruits longer, fatter, thicker and hotter than standard jalapeños. Its 4-inch length makes it at least an inch longer than other jalapeños. I believe these are the jalapeños that I've been buying from our local produce store, and I make the most wonderful dragon bites from these jalapeños!


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