Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My garden was made by a meticulous husband. He took a spade and overturned all the dirt in a 6' x 20' plot right behind my house. Then he borrowed my sister's tiller and worked on the dirt with it. He then got out his old big sifter - the kind like you use for prospecting. Don't ask why we have one - we have a house full of useful and useless stuff. He proceeded to sift all the big chunks of clay and grass out of the garden. Afterwords, he threw sand all over the garden and tilled it again. Then he raked my garden down all level. You would think he must have been a farmer in his past life or something.

We had to go out and BUY my plants. We got German Queen, Better Bush, Sweet 100 and Health Kick tomatoes. We also got some shallots, basil, thyme, oregano, cilantro, jalapeno and Mucho Nacho jalapenos. We put them all in the ground and watered them. Oh, I forgot to mention that there were two tomato plants from my original drowned batch that I'm trying to save. We'll see what happens!

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