Friday, June 6, 2008

Health Kick Tomatoes

After I drowned my original Romas, which I had grown from seed for two months, I had found some roma-like plants at the store called "Health Kick" Tomatoes. I bought them because I wanted more roma tomatoes in my garden so that I can make tomato sauce to can.

After I got home and planted them, I did a little research on what they were like. I guess they have 50% more lycopene, which is a good thing for fighting some cancers. Checking online, the taste got various reviews. Some said a robust taste, while others said "tangy". Not a juicy tomato, very meaty. Just what I want for making sauce! Though some say it has a "mealy" texture, I don't think that will matter in sauce.

Last year, I had made one batch of tomato sauce from a friend who had too many tomatoes. I cooked my sauce down very thick (like in the store), added fresh basil that my mother-in-law gave me from her garden, and a bit of garlic. That sauce turned out to be my kids favorite, and they are very picky! Hopefully I will do just as well this year with my own tomatoes!


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