Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cubanelle Pepper

I had gone to the grocery store the other day and found they were selling Cubanelle Pepper plants. I had to buy one and plant it in my garden! I first came upon these peppers last year at my produce market. They are wonderful peppers to cook with! At first they were cheap. And as usual, went up in price, as everything else has. This is the info I found on the Internet about cubanelle peppers:

A long slender banana-shaped pepper that is considered to be a sweet pepper, despite having a mild to moderate spicy heat. Ranging in color from green to yellow or red, this pepper has a glossy outer skin that is smooth and firm in texture. Also known as Italian frying pepper, this pepper is mildly hot and very similar to an Anaheim pepper. Cubanelle peppers are often used in casseroles, salads, pizzas, and as a pepper to be stuffed with a savory filling.

The plant tag said it's best stir fried with a little olive oil. I've made spaghetti sauce with these peppers and it just added a hint of heat. Wonderful!


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