Friday, August 1, 2008

Picked some peppers

Since it's raining pretty good, and I can't go check my garden, I'll tell you about the peppers that I picked.

I had to pick 2 cubanelles because they were touching the ground and I didn't want them spoiled. They could have grown twice as long if they were closer to the top of the plant instead of the bottom!

The same for my mucho nacho jalapeno. It's was the first pepper that set on that plant, but, it was touching the ground. Not very mucho - these can get to be 4 inches, this was only 3.

My one and only holy mole pepper so far. It could have gotten a little longer and then turned a browner color instead of this deep, dark green. The husband was a little zealous in wanting to try it! So maybe I'll do a grilled pizza tonight with these peppers on it. Sounds really good, actually. Here's to hoping rain doesn't ruin my plans!

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