Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet 100 picture

Nice cool morning today - 62 degrees! And tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90's?!! I should go out and weed today. But I am such a wuss! I'm afraid of that big old spider. I know it's still got to be there, underneath growing things. I think I'll wait for my husband to come home from his father / son camping trip and let them weed. Yes, that's the ticket. Men aren't afraid of spiders, are they?

My Sweet 100 plant is doing well. Actually all of my tomato plants look like they are doing well. The bush tomatoes are extremely short though. Maybe that's why they should be put in pots?

I may have had a miracle occur. I may have gotten 1 seedling out of those cilantro seeds that I complained about last week. Can't tell if it's cilantro that has spouted up or just a weed. I would say weed, but it's in one spot where I believe I definitely put a seed. It's only 1/4 of an inch out of the ground. Time will tell. Though they say cilantro grows fast. We'll see.

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