Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poblano, Cubanelle and Jalapeno Peppers

After a third dose of Miracle Gro, and some wonderful overnight temperatures, my poblano plants have perked right up! It looks like we need to add that Miracle Gro every week. The poblanos especially like it, it seems. The cubanelle plant is doing very well. The leaves are finally turning a little darker green. It looks perky too. It has one big pepper near the bottom of the plant again. There are others just starting to grow at the top and in the middle of the plant, where I can let them grow as long as they can go! And my jalapenos - there are many. I have regular and mucho nacho. Maybe I'll pick some jalapenos this weekend and make my grilled chicken and jalapeno cheese ravioli and share my recipe here. My son and his friends just love it!


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